Carisa Chee


about me

I came to yoga in 2009 because I needed a calm, quiet space, even if only for a few hours a week. I was lucky to find a teacher who accepted her students as they were, and was inspired to become that kind of teacher for others. I still use yoga to find that sense of calm in the storm that life can sometimes be. Over the years, yoga has helped me to heal multiple personal injuries, including in my shoulder, wrist, and low back. I love engaging with people and hearing their stories, and I strive to create a safe space for others, especially those who feel they don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Delaney at Greenville Yoga in 2015 and am registered with Yoga Alliance for their 200-hour level. My classes focus on breath-initiated movement, learning to listen to one’s body, and healing through movement. I teach all levels of flow yoga, as well as restorative and gentle movement yoga for all bodies. I strongly believe in continuing education, and I attend workshops throughout the year to broaden my knowledge of yoga and the self.